Boost Your Health and Wellness with NAD+ Infusions

Revamp Your Health and Wellness with NAD+ Infusions

Understanding the Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy: A Complete Guide

Pursuing lifelong health and wellness is a priority for many. Whether it's eating right or working out, many people try to do their best to take care of themselves. However, sometimes, despite our best efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, we can benefit from an extra boost. In recent years, NAD+ IV therapy has emerged as a potential game-changer in promoting overall health and wellness. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy in detail and help you understand how it can transform your life.

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD+ IV therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that involves infusing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) into the body through an IV drip bag. NAD+ is a coenzyme produced naturally in our bodies, and it plays a crucial role in many biological processes. However, our bodies' NAD+ production capacity declines as we age, leading to various health issues. NAD+ IV therapy helps replenish the body's natural supply of NAD+ and elevate NAD+ levels to enhance overall health and wellness.

What Are the Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD+ IV therapy has numerous potential benefits for the body and mind, including:

1. Anti-aging Benefits

One of the most significant benefits of NAD+ IV therapy is its anti-aging properties. NAD+ supports DNA repair, promotes healthy tissues and mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are found in every cell in our body and help generate energy and maintain healthy cells. NAD+ also supports Sirtuin function - a class of enzymes involved in several aging processes such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolism. Sirtuins can help regulate genes that cause aging in the body by switching off gene activity, thereby slowing the signs of aging.

2. Boosts Physical and Mental Performance

NAD+ IV therapy can aid with cell regeneration and maximize brain function. It can also help you overcome fatigue, enhance athletic performance, improve muscle recovery, and promote mental clarity. By elevating NAD+ levels, you can experience an increase in energy levels, mental sharpness, and physical endurance.

3. Alleviates Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

NAD+ IV therapy benefits mood regulation and supports healthy brain chemistry. People who experience anxiety or depression may find relief from these symptoms with NAD+ IV therapy. NAD+ also ensures a good night's sleep and high energy levels, which may help decrease the intensity of symptoms.

4. Aids Addiction Recovery

NAD+ IV therapy may also help repair neurotransmitters damaged by substance abuse. This healing process may reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol and diminish withdrawal symptoms. In addition, it can help detox the body, boost mood and brain function.

What's in the NAD+ IV Drip Bag?

The NAD+ IV drip bag contains Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) and 1,000 cc of saline solution. The saline solution is made from sterile water and sodium chloride to create an isotonic crystalloid solution. It balances fluid levels inside and outside the cellular membrane to help the body achieve a homeostatic balance. Saline solutions are also an excellent source of electrolytes that are essential for the body's proper function.

How Does NAD+ IV Therapy Work?

NAD+ IV therapy is a simple procedure that takes around 45-60 minutes to complete. A medical professional administers a hydrating fluid containing NAD+ through an IV drip bag, which is infused into your bloodstream. By delivering NAD+ straight to the bloodstream, NAD+ IV therapy offers complete absorption, which takes effect much more quickly than traditional supplements. Some people report feeling energized and clear-headed almost immediately after treatment.

Is NAD+ IV Therapy Safe?

NAD+ IV therapy is considered safe when administered by a licensed medical professional. Adverse effects of NAD+ therapy are rare and typically include slight abdominal pain and nausea. It's always important to discuss any health concerns you may have with your medical provider before starting NAD+ IV therapy.

How Can I Get NAD+ IV Therapy?

To receive NAD+ IV therapy, you will need a prescription from a licensed medical professional. You can contact Mobile IV Nurses, a provider specializing in NAD+ IV therapy, to schedule a consultation and obtain a prescription. They offer various NAD+ dosage options tailored to your specific wellness needs.


NAD+ IV therapy may offer significant benefits for people seeking overall health and wellness. By replenishing the

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